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Movie Review: The Martian (2015)

The Martian (2015)

I have been anticipating this movie ever since I’ve read the book and it blew my mind. So, when I found out the date of the premiere, I hurried up and went to watch it (I’ve actually went to see it this Friday). There weren’t a lot of people in the movie theater and still don’t know why since it’s a very popular movie these days.

I have liked it a lot. It was action-packed, witty and funny as the book itself was. It reminded me why I liked the book so much.

I think that Mr. Matt Damon did a great job and what made me think that way was the way he was very chill but in the same time I think he expressed the characters emotions as they were in the book.

They cut some parts out and it did bother me but I knew they had to since it already was a long movie. I found myself not really watching the movie at the end since I had to go to the bathroom a lot.

I went to see it with my sister who hasn’t read the book but she said the movie was pretty good. She didn’t like the fact that Mark didn’t spend any time moping about his sad life but I, myself, found that even more interesting (plus the fact that later he had a moment when he had a mental breakdown).

I think all the actors did pretty well and found myself laughing out loud (along with the other people that were there with us) because they were pretty funny and realistic.

Rating (on IMDB): 9/10 stars

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