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Book Review: The Billionaire Needs by Ravina Hilliard

Thanks to Dawn Hill Publications for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Title: The Billionaire Needs a Bodyguard

Author: Ravina Hilliard

Purchase: Amazon, Dawn Hill Publications


Alexandra “Lex” Granger is a private security consultant who has to go undercover to protect billionaire businessman Michael Thornton, pretending to be an escort. Michael does not think he needs a bodyguard, despite the death threats he has received from protesters against his takeover of a Danish company, but he does need protection against the predatory wife of the Danish ambassador. Lex knows that this assignment is dangerous, made more so because her client does not even know that he is being protected.

She doesn’t know that he thinks she is a con-artist a gold-digger who takes rich men for everything that she can get. As sparks fly, and the attraction between the two go stronger, they face a deadly danger from an unknown assailant. Lex and Mike embark on a turbulent affair in the beautiful city of Copenhagen, with Mike realising that there is much more to the sexy seductress, her bewildering vulnerability evoking unfettered passion and feelings that he has never experienced before. Lex realises that she has committed the ultimate folly, that of falling in love with a man who despises her. Will she overcome the dangers to Michael to her breaking heart?

Rating: 4 / 5

I don’t think I’ve ever read a book where the main character is a bodyguard (male or female) and I think that was the main thing that caught my interest with this book. And I quite enjoyed it.

I loved the main character, Lex. Not only is she this bad-ass character (she’s basically a bodyguard) who always stands up for herself and always paints this picture of self confidence, she’s also incredibly smart and knows what she wants in life. She is not described as amazingly good looking character (at least in the modern sense of that word), she’s actually very average and I think that’s amazing. I love when the book characters are portrayed as normal people with all their good and bad traits, and not like some flawless, perfect and almost out of this world people. It just makes everything a bit more relatable. She had a very difficult life and worked hard for what she has now. She wants to succeed in her business and that’s the only reason she agrees to fake being an escort for a billionaire (other than basically saving his life).

Michael, on the other hand is a cruel and cold billionaire. He is a womanizer and has women falling at his feet – that is exactly why he hires Lex to act as his girlfriend. Only he doesn’t know she is not an escort but actually protecting his life. He thinks she’s a gold-digger and his main wish is to humiliate her and teach her a lesson, only he doesn’t know he’ll fall in love with her first!

This was a very exciting and interesting read. It was quite steamy but still interesting and action packed. It’s a pretty short book and I went through it quickly. I even wish it were a bit longer, because I find that when a book is shorter, it doesn’t give plot the justice and there is a lot of stuff happening in short period of time which can be overwhelming. But I believe this is author’s debut novel and with that in mind she did an amazing job with it.

When describing Lex and Michael’s relationship, at first, it’s anything but cute. Although very passionate, they are still lying to each other and due to the lack of trust, they fight a lot. Michael was extremely rude at some points but I loved how Lex actually fought back and defended herself like a strong woman she is.

Of course in the end everything sorted itself out and I’m glad for it. The ending was really cute even though it was a bit rushed in my opinion.

Still, it’s an interesting suspenseful romance. Definitely pick this up if you’re into billionaire new adult novels or even if you’re only in search of a fast paced book you’ll fly through.

Personally, I liked the bodyguard part of the book best. It was so interesting to read about it. I do have a chick-lit in my tbr that is also about a girl bodyguard and I will definitely read it soon as I enjoyed that theme here but I’m always searching for new books so feel free to leave some recommendations in the comments. Also, while I was reading this a thought came into my mind: a book where the main character is an escort and falls in love (or something along those lines). It doesn’t have to be new adult, it can be romance or even drama, so if you could recommend me a book like that please do!

Thank you for reading my review and happy reading!


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