Summer Reading Wrap-Up: The Good, The Best and The Ugly

Hello everyone!

With summer coming to an end (yesterday actually being the start of the Autumnal equinox) I decided I might as well do my summer reading wrap-up. I’m a bit sad summer is ending but still I can’t wait for the spooky season πŸ™‚

This summer was quite eventful and even though I had a lot of free time I didn’t read as much as I wanted to. That is mostly because I went to a whole other side of the country for work and oh I worked a lot! Still, I’m glad I did it because it was so much fun and I met a lot of new people. Definitely a great life experience!

In terms of reading I managed to complete 14 books which sounds great but I do agree it could’ve been even better. Still I did read some great books, and some that are not so great. Most of the books were good but aren’t my fave (they are on the average 4 star reads list). Here is the list…

The Good

This is definitely the most abundant list. There are a lot of fantasy reads on here and so many cute interesting reads.

Also, this summer I did discover many new authors (Laura Thalassa and Josie Jaffrey being my fave) and will continue on reading their work in the future.

P.S. books about The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse? MIND BLOWN!!

The Best

For this list I decided to choose only three books but they are holding their crown high.

First of all Hollow Gods by A.J. Vrana which I talk about all the time because it might be one of my favorite books I’ve read this year. It reminds me of The Raven Boys which is my favorite series, it’s so unique and captivating. I just love it so much and I can’t wait for the sequel!

The second one is The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson. She is my fav contemporary author and even though I love her other books better (Since You’ve been Gone is my number 1 forever!) this one is so lovely and it definitely made my summer.

Also, I’ve re-read my teen favorite Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick and I’m happy to say I still love it as much!

The Ugly

I just love ranting and talking about bad books and the books I didn’t like. And this summer I had so much material I could write two other separate posts. But I don’t want to be too mean lol.

The winner is definitely Boys of Brayshaw High, it was so cringy and bad it made my insides hurt. Corrupt is not so far from it, too, although it was at least a bit more interesting. I’ve recently finished The Storyteller’s Daughter and although it wasn’t as bad as the other ones it was so boring I just had to include it. As for Crystal Shadows, I just don’t think I’m the right audience for it.

If you like rant reviews be sure to check out full blog posts for these book, there is a lot of spice and you wouldn’t wanna miss that.

What are your faves and flops of the summer. Please let me know in the comments πŸ™‚

Happy reading!

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