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Spooky Read-A-Thon Announcement! | 48 Hour Halloween Readathon

Hello everyone!!

As we all know it’s almost Halloween, the second most exciting holiday (Christmas still wins but Halloween is close lol!). Since we’re in a pandemic at the moment so most of us should be staying at home right now, what’s a better way to spend time than readin scary books and watching scary movies.

So I decided to host my FIRST EVER readathon!

Spooky Read-a-Thon is a 48 hour readathon starting from October 30th (Friday) at 00:00 and ending on October 31th (Saturday) at 23:59.

I also created an event on Goodreads so check it out if you want to participate:

I came up with 5 pretty easy rules that will hopefully help all of you find a scary book you will enjoy reading throughout te readathon. Here are the rules:


1. Read a book with red on the cover

Red being blood of course lol

2. Read a book with supernatural creatures in it

Supernatural creatures being ghosts, witches, vampires, werewolves, zombies and everything else I didn’t mention

3. Read a popular scary book everyone has heard about

It can be a classic or just something your bookish friends keep recommending to you

4. Read a scary book that was adapted into a movie

Frankestein, Twilight or even Stephen King books… the options are abundant!

5. Finish at least ONE book

The point of this readathon is of course to get some books off your tbr and have fun, so don’t be too harsh on yourself if you don’t read as quickly as some people. Most importantly, read as muc as you can!

The rules are not too hard and as always you can use one book for several different rules.


Friday – Share a photo of your spooky meal

Saturday – Watch a scary movie / TV series

So here are all the rules and the challenges. Tomorrow I will be sharing my TBR for the readathon.

If you decide to do the readathon yourself be sure to tag me in your posts or use a #spookyreadathon tag so I can find and read your posts. Hopefully you like it! Of course you can use my photo in your own posts (and you can make your own as well).

Happy reading!

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