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You can now buy me a Ko-Fi and support my work! ☕

Hello everyone!

From the start of my blog and reviewing ‘career’ everything I’ve been doing was purely because of my love for books and literature. Since the beginning of my blogging I’ve never received a single coin for what I do. And that’s totally okay because that is not my goal..

However, since I’m a student who doesn’t have tat much time (or make a lot of money) on my hands and I do spend a lot of time reading and contributing to my blog, I decided to make a Ko-fi account where you’ll be able to support my work.

I do not force anyone to support me, but if you enjoy my blog and want to support me you can buy me a coffee (I believe it’s 3 euros). All the money will be used to improve my blog quality as well as for buying books to review.

My supporters will be able to make a request considering my blog and reading, for example: books that I will read next, blog post ideas, Zoom calls with me (where we’ll chat about books or even do read-alongs) as well as shoutouts.

Thank you all so much for all your support and engagement on my blog posts and to anyone who decides to support me ❤

Buy Me a Coffee at ko-fi.com

Happy reading!


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