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The One Where I Cry My Eyes Out Because of a Book

This is not going to be the same type of post I usually do when I write book reviews. That is because this book deserves a special type of treatment.

This summer I watched Call Me by Your Name. Thankfully the hype around it got to me and I just had to see what it’s about. As soon as I saw the first scene I knew I would love it. And I was right.

The movie is truly a masterpiece. From the whole scenery, to music and actors, it is simply divine. I fell in love with Italy and peaches will never be the same to me. And Elio and Oliver broke my heart.

However, this book was something else entirely.

It is somewhat controversial when a person watches the movie before reading a book, especially when it comes to masterpiece such as this one but I’m glad I did it my way. The movie and the book seem so similar but different from each other but I love both in their own ways.

The writing style is so beautiful and enchanting and the author managed to portray our own everyday thoughts through Ellio that we didn’t know how to turn into words. I don’t know how something can be written so raw but in the same time so beautiful.

This broke my heart over and over again, especially knowing what will happen in the end. I also made myself even sadder because I listened to the soundtrack while reading the book. In the end I was a mess and I cried such big and ugly tears, something that hasn’t happened to me in a very long time.

I almost don’t want to read another book for some time because I want to enjoy this one. I still keep replaying it in my head. I did what I thought was a sequel but while reading the reviews, I realized I might’ve been misled and that it’s actually more a standalone. I do want to read it but I don’t want it to ruin my experience of the first one if it’s not as good.

I know it might not be a good idea but I really want to watch the movie again soon. I know my heart will be breaking all over again but I feel like this is the type of book/movie you can read/watch as many times as you want and still not get bored of it.

My whole book is full of sticky book tabs but I’m glad I annotated because there are so many beautiful quotes I just want to remember them.

This is surely going on my Top 10 books I’ve read this year. Because you don’t understand… I’m obsessed!!

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10 thoughts on “The One Where I Cry My Eyes Out Because of a Book

  1. Great review as always. It makes a nice change to do something different.
    I have to admit i either read or watch the movie, never both, I always feel let down usually by the film.
    I’m going to add this book on my list, it sounds amazing.

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  2. I must confess I have yet to read the book! But I love the movie soooo much and I have read the screenplay way back in 2018 when I first saw it. I honestly don’t know why I have not read the book but I should soon! Beautiful review!

    Liked by 1 person

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