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Birthday Book Tag

Hello everyone! I’m officially 21 years young!! So yesterday was my birthday and I’m so sad I couldn’t celebrate it because of the pandemic because I love b-day parties. Nonetheless, I guess what better way to have some b-day fun than to do a book tag.

I saw this first on Rose @ White Rose Stories ‘s blog and I believe the original creator is Antonia @ Always Books so props to both of them!

Let’s get started…

BIRTHDAY CAKE — a book with a plot that seems cliché but you adore it anyway.

The fallen angel troupe has been done so many times but I still absolutely love it, particularly in this book!

PARTY GUESTS — your most anticipated book release for this year.

Probably A Heart So Fierce but I still haven’t read it so that’s too bad lol

BIRTHDAY PRESENTS — a book that surprised you with how much you loved it.

I picked this up from BookSirens and although it sounded interesting, I didn’t think I’d love it as much as I did. But, this is a yearly favorite for sure!

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY” SONG — a book that certainly deserves all the hype it got.

I didn’t read this because of the hype, but because of the summary that seemed super interesting (and it was), I absolutely adore this book and it deserves all the hype.

HAPPY MUSIC — a book with some very beautiful and truly meaningful quotes.

Both the book and the movie are so beautiful and full of amazing quotes (and the reason why I used up all my sticky annotation tabs).

GETTING OLDER — a book that you read a long time ago but you think you would appreciate more if you read it as a more mature reader.

I read this when I was 14 and although it was very emotional and I liked it, I think it was a bit too intense and not appropriate for my age. I think I’d understand it way better if I were to read it today.

SWEET BIRTHDAY MEMORIES — a book that kept you incredibly happy during a sad or demanding period of your life.

This whole book series was super funny and light and I think it’s perfect for teens and young adults. The movie was a bit tacky but I still loved it.

That’s all for today’s tag! I wish I could invite you all for some birthday cake but that would be physically impossible so we can share some virtual cake. Thank you for reading and have a nice day!

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38 thoughts on “Birthday Book Tag

  1. Happiest of (belated!) birthdays!! This is such a fun tag, and you’re so right that The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue deserves *all* of the hype.

    Thank you for sharing your virtual birthday cake, hehe! 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

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