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Worst Books I Read in 2020

Hello everyone! Who else is excited to see this year end or is it just me? As some of you know I love writing rant reviews and although I had a lot of hits this year, there were also many misses. Me being Sagittarius, I love bein honest so don’t get mad at me if there is a book you loved on this list. THIS IS ONLY MY OPINION.

I decided to keep this list short, at only 5 books because I didn’t want this post to be too long, but believe me, there were many more. I’ll be listing these books from the least bad to the worst of the worst. Let’s start…

The Storyteller’s Daughter by Victoria McCombs

I was very excited about this but it turned out to be a big fat disappointment. Read my full review here.

A Deadly Education by Naomi Novik

2020 turned out to be the year you could litteraly expect ANYTHING bad to happen. For me it was Naomi Novik, an author I love, writing this hot mess. Full review here.

Corrupt by Penelope Douglas

TOXIC ROMANCE ALERT!!! This book was so problematic and it was all over the place. I must say I’ve recently read te third book in this series and it was way better than this one. Still I don’t know how this book, as well as many other similar to this, aren’t yet cancelled. It feels to me like the Romance/New Adult book community is a bit assertive so they agree on everything, as long as there’s sexy times in it. Full review here.

Vicious by L.J. Shen

I read (and loved) my fair share of bully books but there are only so many I can read before they all start merging together. And I realized all of them are along the same lines, so I decided to make a template.

Girl main character: not-like-other-girls, outsider in school but in reality so beautiful she could be a top model, bullied all throughout her high school life for the most ridiculous reason (or better yet, no reason at all).

Guy main character: a very popular hottie who always bullied our main character because (add a traumatic past experience here) but in reality he was always in love wit her.

Add some plot and you’ll have a bestseller.

That bein said, this one had potential but it turned out to be really bad.

Boys of Brayshaw High by Meagan Brandy 

I’m not like other girls, I’m quirky – check!

Popular manhoe and his toxic friend group – check!

The most absurd plot twists – check!

A girl curing guy of his panic attacks with the power of her kitty cat – check!

This is definitely the worst book of this year, hell, of the entire decade. It was almost painful to read it. But it’s so interestin how this one has some of the highest rating of all the books on this list. It just goes with my hipothesys that if you put a bit of sneaky in it, people will call it the best book ever.

That’s all for this year! Please share your own worst books lists with me because those ones are my favorite. Hopefully 2021 will be full of gems like these (because I do really love writing rant reviews!)

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