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The Vampire Diaries: Comparing the book to TV show (aka how vampire hotties broke my heart)

Hello everyone, I’ve been planning on doing this post for a while because as I’ve already mentioned on my blog, I love The Vampire Diaries. It’s my favorite teen nostalgic TV show and I started rewatching it in September. However, this was my first time to completely finish it, even though I rewatched it several times. I didn’t want to finish it so I would always get to middle of season 6 and stop.

However, last night I officially finished the whole show and I must admit, I am so broken. I knew exactly what would happen because it’s impossible not to be spoiled these days but it still hit me so hard. Last night I listened to Hold On on repeat whilst crying in my bed.

But today I’m not here only to talk about my crying sessions, I’m here to compare the book to the TV show.


Rating: 2 out of 5.

As soon as I picked up the book I noticed that it was completely different from the show: first of all Elena is a blonde, Bonnie is a redhead, Caroline is basically Elena’s enemy, Aunt Jenna is called Aunt Judith, Elena has a little sister and not younger brother Jeremy, the town is called Fell’s Church and not Mystic Falls and I saved the best for last – Tyler’s last name is SMALLWOOD (I couldn’t stop laughing when I read that, what a way to bring down a guy’s confidence lol).

Apart from all the differences, I didn’t really like the book because it was so messy. It’s like my Quotev fanfiction but with paranormal characters. Elena was so cringy and she basically told Stefan she loved him after one peck and 2 minutes into knowing him. I don’t like TV show Elena that much but she’s a queen in comparison with the book Elena. All in all this was such a vanilla book I don’t think I’d even like it if I’d read it when I was 12.

Upon reading some reviews, I see that there are many people who have read the book before watching the shows and they are also disappointed because the show is so different. However, I’m not one of those because the show is next level.

Now that I’m done talking about the book let me discuss the lows and highs of the show. Put your seatbelts on.


First of all, starting this show when I was like 12 I couldn’t help but notice all the attractive characters. Even now as a 21 y/o I can admit that I’ve never watched a show with so many hot people in it. Good job to whoever casted the characters!

My favorite character by far is Caroline and I absolutely love her (my least favorite is of course Matt Donovan, how the f*ck did Mister Goldilocks outlive everyone??). SPOILER ALERT, that is why I absolutely hated the ending. Couldn’t they just let Caroline (and also poor Bonnie) be happy for once?!

I did support Delena (although I find Elena so overrated, she’s such a crybaby and basically everyone would die for her) but I do think that Elena was also Stefan’s biggest love, whilst Caroline was one of his best friends. On the other hand, they couldn’t let Caroline be happy with our favorite Original Klaus who loves her so much. I will never forgive the writers for doing her so wrong.

People I shipped together but that never happened/they didn’t end up together in the end: Lexi + Stefan, Klaus + Caroline, Katherine + Elijah and many more…

Some of the most underrated characters in my opinion were: Katherine who is the baddest bitch (and a Scorpio for sure) with huge BDE to her, plus so much more interesting than Elena; Silas, with his crackhead energy is basically like Paul Wesley IRL; Lexi, the best friend ever ❤

I want to finish this very chaotic (and very different than usual post, but don’t mind me, I’m in my feels) with one of my most memorable scenes from the show, when Klaus kills Tyler’s mom (12 hybrids before that) while Christmas carols hauntingly play in the background. It just doesn’t get more iconic than that!

If you’re still reading this, congratulations, you made it through. If you’ve seen the show please comment down below, because none of my friends watch TVD so I can’t talk to anyone lol. And thank you for reading this, even if it’s a hot mess. Happy reading (and watching)!

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11 thoughts on “The Vampire Diaries: Comparing the book to TV show (aka how vampire hotties broke my heart)

  1. I loved TVD, but I agree, Elena was kind of a crybaby. Bonnie was the baddest of them all, I thought. I loved her character so much! She needed to get to keep.her true love. It wasn’t fair that she never got to be happy.

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