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End of 2020 Superlatives Book Tag

Hello everyone! 2020 ended almost a month ago but I don’t really care so I’m doing this tag right now. This tag was created by Alex @ The Scribe Owl (and also the picture is by her so shutout to her!). Thank you to Chelsea @ The Travelling Reader and Georgia @ Lost in Neverland for tagging me and please check out their posts.


  • Fill out each of the prompts with your answer. Each character/book you choose has to be one you read in 2020.
  • Tag as many or few people as you want, but preferably somewhere around 10.
  • Have fun and happy new year!!

Best Villain

The Dark One

I will only leave this here . If you you’ve read this you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Best Main Character

Addie LaRue

I know people have mixed feelings about this book, but personally I loved it. And part of my love is because of the main character. I love how fearless and determined Addie was, even when bad things happened. She is what I aspire to be like.

Best Side Character

 Willem Ragnarsson

Willem mended my heart and then broke it again. All of the characters in this book were written so well but I liked Willem the best, especially because he stood by Jude’s side forever.

A character that you’re glad you aren’t

Sasha Nikolayeva

Honestly, Sasha’s story was soo scary. She was a ballet dancer who started seeing things, until she fell into a deep sleep and woke up in the parallel world were she was a slave who was controlled by other people. And she couldn’t wake up from her sleep. Super scary but also very interesting!

Best Place to Raise a Family


Is this cheating? Anyways, Eileen lives in rural Yorkshire and the community is full of fun events and soo peaceful. And great to raise a family!

UninhabitableA setting you would never want to live in

The Earth where there’s Four Horsemen whose job is to literally wipe down the whole human population. My reasons are obvious lol.

Most Likely to SucceedAn indie or underhyped book that everyone would like it they just tried it

The Hollow Gods

I will never stop talking about this book, it’s sooo good but I’m sad it’s so underrated. If you liked The Raven Boys you would definitely like this one!

Life of the PartyA book that kept you laughing and having a good time

Beaus and Arrows

Another very underrated book but I had such a good time while reading it. So funny and cute!

Most UnforgettableA book you couldn’t forget if you tried

Call Me By Your Name

I loved this book and the movie and it definitely had me wanting to watch and read it over and over again. However, after Armie Hammer was exposed for all the terrible disgusting this he has done, it ruined the book and movie for me so I don’t think I’ll be picking this up ever again.

Most UniqueA book unlike anything you’ve read before

Foul Is Fair

A modern YA tragedy based on Shakespeare’s Macbeth. That is the only thing I will say about it. Such a weird but interesting book.

Those are all the questions. I hope you enjoyed it!

My Nominations

ahaana @ Windows to Worlds

Julie @ One Book More

Stephen @ Stephen Writes

Isha @ paperbacktomes

Maya @ HerBookishDesires

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14 thoughts on “End of 2020 Superlatives Book Tag

  1. The Dark One is definitely an awesome villain!! I am starting The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue this afternoon. Fingers crossed I’ll be one of those that love it. The Hollow Gods is on my TBR. Love your picks!!

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