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Book Review: Love to Go and Just Desserts by Janet Quin-Harkin

Thanks to the publisher for providing me with a copy of this book series in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Title: Love to Go; Just Desserts (Heartbreak Cafe, #5 – #6)

Author: Janet Quin-Harkin

Series Description:

It’s 1989. Life’s easy for DEBORAH LESLEY: she’s up-market, drives her own flash car to school, and looks pretty good too. She’s never had a job, either; but now her parents have split up, and she needs the money.

JOE GARBARINI is cool. He likes motorbikes, girls, and fun. He doesn’t have time for much — he’s running Heartbreak Café when he’s not at school.

The Heartbreak Café is a noisy hangout on the north Californian coast. Joe’s worked there for years, and knows what it takes. He’s sure Debbie won’t last a month — but Debbie’s determined to put up with his wisecracks and prove him wrong.

Debbie, Joe and the rest of the gang are all at the Heartbreak Café. Meet them in this sparkling series from bestselling author Janet Quin-Harkin


Rating: 4 out of 5.

Now that I’m completely finished with this series I can say that this was a cute read for sure. Was this a literary masterpiece, no it wasn’t, but it was certainly very interesting and a perfect series to get my mind off of serious stuff.

For me books 5 and 6 were a bit less interesting than the rest of the series, especially the sixth book, but I did still enjoy them.

In the 5th book we are introduced to some new characters who are there just to keep the story entertaining and we also meet Joe’s younger brother who just wants to grow up and prove everyone he is independent. Everything was brought to us through humor, but I like how it actually portrays some serious topics like how much your friends can influence you (and by that I mean in a bad way). Thankfully, everything turned out good in the end.

We also see more of Debbie and Joe’s relationship. They are a new couple, and although they’re madly in love, their personalities are the polar opposite so not everything is perfect. I still don’t like Joe but oh well, you can’t always get what you want.

The sixth book was probably the most disappointing and my least favorite in this series. I felt like not a lot happened (except for the big break-up) and honestly, I wanted a bit more from the last book.

Grant was brought in again just to stir in some drama and to make Joe look like the big hero and I wasn’t that into it.

Honestly, I was more into Ashley and Jason. Although it was a weird relationship story for sure, I liked how everything turned out and I’m so happy she finally found someone right for herself.

In conclusion, although the last two books could’ve been done better, I still really enjoyed this series and it was such a quick and cute read. I’d say if you like quirky teen dramas definitely pick this one up!

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