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This might be the worst book I’ve ever read…

Title: The Confession Duet

Author: K.D. Robichaux


Rating: 1 out of 5.

Let me tell you something about myself, I am a sucker for a good angsty and rough romance. This author caught my eye while I was scrolling through Tiktok, and let me tell you her advertising game is immaculate. It only took one video for me to be convinced I needed this book in my life.

This was presented as a lovers to enemies to lovers with hints of BDSM and it sounded wonderful, also it had soo many good reviews. I was expecting this to blow my mind but what I was not expecting is for this to be a mess of cliche troupes and grooming. The Confession Duet? More like The Cringe Duet.

Let me start of with the most disturbing thing: the grooming. The male character in the first part of the book has this very weird way of fetishizing and sexualizing a girl’s body where it feels very much like grooming (and it doesn’t matter that the female character is 18) and let me show you:

“She was the one causing this strange feeling inside me? She didn’t look a day over fifteen.”

She’s so small, and young, and had been so nervous around me up front.”

“Freshman. Four years ago? But she looks so young. It could be because of her fresh face and her petite frame, but I didn’t think she could be any more than fifteen.

“Knowing she’s so tiny makes it even funnier coming from her.”

Now that is very disturbing bc what is this obsession with her young age and petite body other than grooming? Honestly it made me feel so uncomfortable and I don’t know why this book hasn’t already been cancelled because it definitely deserves to be.

The next thing is the insta love, since the characters got together and fell in love in like two minutes. Maybe instead of filling your book with crappy cliche scenes and bad jokes you could use that energy to build a good and healthy romantic relationship between the characters.

The main characters are the usual type that you see in these kinds of books: the guy is the alpha male, handsome and popular who is instantly drawn to this awkward girl and would do anything to protect her; the girl is a bit of a geek, not popular and not well liked in school because of whatever stupid reason but secretly every guy is in love with her, innocent and a virgin who hasn’t even touched herself ever before (ookay?). In translation: douche perfect and a boring vanilla. It’s nothing that I haven’t seen a thousand times before.

I was litterally skipping through part 1 because I wanted to see what the big secret was, and when I read it I was so disappointed. Honestly, I felt like it would’ve been better if it was anything else other than that.

The second part of the book, or the sequel, had a whole different vibe to it but it was written so badly and made me cringe so hard. I honestly couldn’t even finish it because it was so bad. What bothered me was how predictable everything was, but the thing that got me soo angry is how they filmed the girl while she had her therapist sessions and literally everyone would watch it. I’m not sure if she gave consent for that but it still felt so inhuman and terrible. This book was honestly painful to read.

Now my next and most important question is: How does this book have such high ratings? I understand that people have different opinions and tastes but did they read the same book that I did and did they not see the issues. Or is it just because the book has hot sex scenes that it shouldn’t be cancelled and you can get over the issues. I don’t know.

In conclusion, this is probably the worst book I’ve ever read, and believe me I’ve read some bad books. Also, this is my sign to never trust Goodreads reviews.

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8 thoughts on “This might be the worst book I’ve ever read…

  1. Ooh, yikes. This sounds like a hot, hot mess! Sometimes I do wonder how books have such high ratings and rave reviews and yet, when I read it, I think it’s a raging dumpster fire… 🙈 It always makes me feel like we read completely different books lol!

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