Reading Goals and Resolutions for 2022

Hello everyone! It’s almost the end of the year which means it’s time to set some goals.

When it come’s to personal goals mine are very simple: hustle hard! I’m not striving for perfection by any means and that also includes my reading and blogging. I just want to give myself some goals that are making me do better than this year but are still achievable. So, here are my reading goals for 2022…

1. Read (at least) 5 books per month

Which means I could read more but I should finish at least 5. I’m very inconsistent with my reading so this gives me a sense of consistency and 60 books a year is pretty good for me! In 2021 I managed to read 46 so if I get to reading 60 books in 2022 that will be very good for me!

2. Read good quality books

Which means I shouldn’t be picking up every crappy short book to achieve my goal. If quality means longer books, so be it! It’s hard knowing if a book is going to be good or not (and many popular books disappointed me) but after so many years of reading, I feel like I can tell by the premise and the cover.

3. Read more Fantasy

Although Fantasy is my favorite genre, this year I found myself picking up a lot of Contemporary Romances. I read those types of books because they are usually easier for me to read, and 2021 was a bit rough so I needed to get my mind off things. This year, however, I want to pick up some Fantasy series I’ve been eyeing for a long time and I’m very excited for it!

4. Publish at least 2 posts per week

Which also isn’t a lot but once again, it’s consistency which I really have to work on. What I do with my blog is publishing posts every day for 5 days and then disappearing for a month. I HAVE to become consistent!

5. Hit 1000 followers on my blog

Which I’m sure will happen because I’m at 970+ atm. What I really want to achieve is growing my blog and definitely reach a lot more audience!

6. (Hopefully) receive at least 12 books from authors and publishers!

Which comes out to 1 book a month. I really love receiving review copies from authors and publishers and it really makes me so happy and proud so this year hopefully I get to review a lot more new (and old) authors!

This is it for my goals. The list is short but I feel like I set what is most important for me. I’m hoping I’ll be able to reach all of those goals and I welcome all the new positive opportunities and happy changes into my life! If you guys also made resolutions please list them in the comments down below! Thank you for reading and for your support ❤

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