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Book Review: The Outlands by Tyler Edwards

Thanks to the author for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Title: The Outlands

Author: Tyler Edwards

Description: In the ruins of the world that was lies the city of Dios, a haven protected from the hostile environment known as The Outlands. Ruled by an oppressive Patriarch, the people of Dios are conditioned in fear. The smallest infraction could result in banishment to the Outlands, a fate worse than death.

With his make-shift family of “Undesirables”, Jett Lasting struggles to find his place in a world where drawing attention to yourself can get you killed. His very existence is considered a crime. To survive, he must avoid guards, beggar gangs, and an ever-growing tension that could drag the whole city into chaos.

Jett unwittingly becomes entwined in a plot to overthrow the government where his choices could lead to freedom or the death of everyone he’s ever known or cared about. 


Rating: 4 out of 5.

I must say I’m not usually the biggest fan of dystopia so I might not be the best person to review this. However, this one was quite interesting and enjoyable so I’m glad I picked it up!

This is a dystopian story about a boy named Jett and his group of outcast friends called “Undesirables”. Because of their unfortunate upbringing and social status they are treated like trash by the society and the leaders. They must steal to survive but it’s a dangerous game to play because if they get caught, there is a chance they will be sent to the Outlands. And you’re better off dead than to be sent there.

But this isn’t a life worth living and Jett knows that so he and his friends join a group of rebels with a plan to take down the government and finally get the life they deserve.

This was a very plot driven and action packed story and there isn’t a second where something crazy isn’t happening. It was interesting for me to read something that’s different from my usual reads so I managed to read this quite quickly. It definitely picks up in the second half, because, as per usual, the first book’s job is to introduce us to a lot of new information.

There is a lot of characters and I must admit I sometimes had a hard time remembering who’s who (that also might be because I’m 21 but have a memory span of a 101 year old).

My favorite character was Victor and I absolutely adored him. He and Jett are best friends but I kind of shipped him romantically with Jett. I am 100% sure that the author didn’t plan on making them a couple because Jett likes Lilly but I grew up with Wattpad (and numerous Harry x Draco and Larry fanfics) so I know a hidden attraction when I see it. Still, a tiny piece of me was hoping they would just kiss already.

To be honest the ending didn’t surprise me because I was hoping it would end that way (I even hoped it would happen sooner!) so I’m very excited about the second book. I really want to read about all the stuff that author has briefly mention but hasn’t thoroughly explained in this book.

I love how romance wasn’t a main topic but only a side story that made everything even more interesting.

Not to mention that this was one big mindf*uck because you just can’t trust anyone in this book. So many plot twists I couldn’t even keep track lol.

To summarize, this was a very fast paced and action packed book and if you like YA dystopia and all of the other aspects I’ve mentioned in this review, definitely go for it!

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5 thoughts on “Book Review: The Outlands by Tyler Edwards

  1. This is awesome! Thank you so much for taking the time to read it and put together such a thoughtful review. Can I ask: what are the things your most excited to see / hopeful to see in book 2? I’m working on it right now, so I want to make sure I don’t miss any important notes

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